Thursday, October 23, 2008

On holiday

It's half term, and we're away: not where we planned to go and not our second choice ... but we're away.

This is Son's preparation for his holiday. His wicked parents told him he couldn't bring his lap top. He'd finished the first Harry Potter for the 247th time, by the end of the journey. His stupid mother didn't notice the hotel had a wii.

It's definitely still the rainy season.


Lane said...

Another monochrome scene!

Have a lovely break jj x

sheepish said...

Have a lovely holiday, and enjoy the rain,you could try singing in it.

Angie said...

That 'landscape' (or is it waterscape?) is stunning.
I'm slightly jealous of your son's reading pile. Looks like he takes after his mum. :)
Seems you can't escape the video games now.