Friday, October 03, 2008

The Lost World

I had a bit of a bad night's sleep last night. There were three of us in our bed! Oooh er. None of that, though, it was daughter who crept in about two o'clock terrified by the mother of a thunderstorm. It went on for hours, and then started up again at 10am for two hours. I was desperate to print out my words ... millions and millions of them. Well, thousands anyway, but I'd got no printer ink.

When I eventually go to the shopping mall, feeling a bit peeved at the waste of time, I had to laugh, it had turned into The Lost World. It really is bonkers here.


Debs said...

I hate running out of ink, it usually happens at night when the shops are shut too.

Love the pic and must definately make a plan to visit your wonderful country.

Flowerpot said...

what an incredible picture. I hate thunderstorms too!

Annie Bright said...

Ooooh, thunderstorms are enough to wake anyone up. I don't know what my excuse was, I've been up since 4am - I'm tired now and it's only 4pm. :-)

Pat Posner said...

What a great picture.
Did you get the printer ink? As Debs says - mine usually runs out when the shops are closed - or worse, 'waiting for it coming in'.

Leigh said...

I can just see Eric Idle jumping out of that lot and launching into a song about the dinosaurs dying out because they ate bad chicken.