Saturday, November 01, 2008


Today brings the excitement of opening up a new document for November’s postings (Really, I MUST get out more…) It’s just so clean and tidy and, well, organised – against the morass everywhere else on my desk and in my life.

1st November also marks my first full day having demoted myself. Yesterday I met with G who has agreed to take the post of Webmaster for the BWG, which I have been struggling with for some time now. I volunteered originally to be creative and not technical. I had two assistants with specialist knowledge but expats move on, and in their absence I was forced to be a bit more technological than I was comfortable with. I am, after all, more techno-twit than techno wizard.

It's not just trying to content with the techie stuff, but also wanting to concentrate on the writing... which is what I was doing before I came and blogged, so procrastinating aside, I'm off now.


Debs said...

That is an impressive site, I wouldn't have known where to start as a webmaster.

Carol and Chris said...

Congratulations on your demotion....I know that you have been wanting to do that for ages!!

Now stop blogging and get writing!!

C x

Lane said...

Hurrah! More time for writing. Which you're doing aren't you...:-)