Friday, January 04, 2008

The eagles have landed

Son and daughter returned from the UK yesterday: Hurrah. They’ve had lovely time everywhere they went and have come back with lots of funny tales, including the one where they were sellotaped into a crate at my parents. Their cousins were told a big box had arrived for them; it was too heavy to move and too large to leave in the hall until Christmas so they should open it now. Apparently one of the cousins spotted Son’s furry head and was momentarily appalled at the prospect of what was in there!

Of course there have also been stories emailed to me by the surrogate Mummies, including this one about British Airways’ unaccompanied children’s scheme, Skyflyers Solo:

“[Your children have] sung the praises of BA and the Skyflyers people … Son made me laugh when he told me that he and Daughter had slept through the first meal on the journey out and, waking up hungry, had gone to the cabin and asked for some food, claiming “It’s one of the perks of being a member of Skyflier’s Solo.” Apparently they missed their second meal too, because the oven broke down, at which point Son contemplated “making a fuss” in an attempt “to be upgraded”. They’re such cosmopolitans!”

Or spoilt brats, maybe? I do hope not.

I’m feeling a little wobbly about my lack of writing: the lurgy really knocked me off my pins, and after a full day yesterday I’m feeling a bit lightheaded again today. I have two articles to get done by … very soon… and I want to get on with the novel to see if I can… feeling a little bit unsure if I’m up to it!

Now, I’m off to my bed to see if I feel better after some zzzzzz.


CTaylor said...

I love the story about them jumping out of the crate. What a great idea!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Do you know Thomas the Tank Engine? "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" he gasps with doubt in his voice as he puffs up the hill, then as he gathers speed on the other side "I thought I could, I thought I could I thought I could" going faster and faster. That'll be you.

SpiralSkies said...

Yes, what Zinnia said.

How brilliant to turn the bambini into a surprise parcel - love it!

They're not spoilt brats at all - merely seasoned travellers which makes it all the easier to send them off again when they get the urge.

Helen said...

Sorry to hear you are off colour. I have felt a bit strange too (though might be my body 'detoxing' after christmas!) and with son at home I've got no chance of concentrating for long enough to write a decent sentence. I've been drawing maps of my characters village instead.

Oh and I'm also well aware that I haven't sent you those articles yet. I will get onto that soonest.


Lane said...

Glad they're back safe and sound JJ. Hope you kick the lingering lurgy soon and manage to get those articles in. Then it's race time....:-)

Angie said...

Hope the lurgy clears soon and takes the wobbles with it! Hope the articles go well, and to mince Zinnia's words slightly: 'you can, you can, you can!'

Leigh said...

Glad the kids are home, safe and happy (loved the big-box surprise!). What fun to play at being grown-up. How much more fun than actually being grown-up... I can't see me getting away with that!!!

The wobble will pass.

Pacha said...

That's lovely. It all went fine! And your stories about the kids made me laugh. They are cosmopolitans and very clever.

Only one way forward write that novel!

Good luck with everything honey!

hesitant scribe said...

Can fully sympathise with the not writing and being off colour! We'll have to both knuckle down to our novels, eh! I'm sure we're up to the job!

Thanks for making me smile this morning with your lovely anectodotes! XXX

JJ said...

Hello y'all.

The crate sounded very funny Cally, I wish I'd seen it.

Zinnia, thank you, yes, I hope so.

Jen, I still chuckle about the crate whenever I think of it.

Helen, thanks for remembering the articles; no rush.

Lane, race time, oh yeah...

Angie, articles, the two due ones, are nearly nearly finished. Just need a peek with fresh eyes tomorrow.

Leigh, Hope so, thanks honey.

Pacha, yes, I know you're right. Onwards.

Lisa, it's a pleasure: I'm glad they raised a smile.