Saturday, January 26, 2008

LSHTM and Reuters

I was brought kicking and screaming into the computer age by Husband.

My first flirt with a computer was in 1985 at secretarial college between A’Levels and University. We learned to type on electric typewriters, but then we were taken off to a simulated office and shown how to use the computer. Nobody explained to me what it was for … and I didn’t like to ask.

My next proper relationship with a computer (some might argue about applying the word computer here) was with an Amstrad in my final year at University. I purchased it on some kind of interest free credit student scheme in order to type my dissertation. My subject was ‘Jason and Medea: love or expediency?’ Jason is he of the Argonauts and Golden Fleece. Every time I ran the spell check it asked me if I wanted to change Argonauts to Arsonists and every single time it made me chuckle out loud. My Amstrad and custard creams got me through that dissertation.

Now that I’m here in the IT world I do rather love it. I could get obsessed. I am obsessed.

I’ve kind of learned enough to be doing a webmaster job with a charity here (let’s be honest, it’s a good job it’s a voluntary position, they wouldn’t want to pay me for it) but I still get upset at the thought that I can’t work out Facebook. I wonder if I’m going to turn into my mother, who’s just about worked out fax machines.

Anyway, my latest obsession is with the statistics and after KevinK requested info about a couple of his regular readers (one of which was me) I thought I’d do the same. I hope it doesn’t get lost in the Saturday post. There are visitors from two places that I’m intrigued by. One is from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (where my sister used to work) and the other is from Reuters.

If either of you are reading this? Would you think about delurking? Introduce yourselves? Do I know you or is it coincidence?


laurie said...

there are lurkers on mine,too, that intrigue me. earlier this week someone in louisiana sat down and read three of my serials, first installment to the last, over three days.

wow. it's flattering. but. .... are there any fabulous book editors in louisiana? could it be ????

i suspect not. but i'd still kinda like to know.

Lane said...

Stat counters are such a tease. I'd love to know who some of the regular unknown readers are.

Keywords are funny too. You'd be amazed how many people have reached my blog by googling 'hot bitches':-)

JJ said...

Ooh, Laurie it's so exciting. Even if it's not a fabulous book editor, your serials are obviously hooking the reader.

Lane, 'hot bitches'? LOL.