Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today I've been on 'loyal friend escorts friend to hospital for moral support' duty.

It was nice to have the day to natter and drink tea (shame about the occasional hospital procedure!)

I walked for twenty minutes to the end of her soi (street) to meet her at 7.10am this morning and while I walked I worked lots of plot stuff out ... now that I understood after my 'clearing of the fog' moment. This, accompanied by my JFDI moment, means that I am itching to get going on my novel. Hurrah.

But, I've got to finish the article *sigh* and I've got a committee meeting tomorrow.

So to give you all a good laugh at my expense cheer us all up I'm posting a couple of pictures of my teabags which are waiting to be sewn into a patchwork quilt. Of course.

Have I made any sense at all today?

(Please don't stop coming to my blog - this is only a small part of my personality.)


hesitant scribe said...

You always make sense :)

Love how beautiful those tea bags look too - you are such an artist!

Pacha said...

Glad you managed to work out plot stuff! Your blog title makes more and more sense as we discover these details about you!

I think the teabags patchwork art HAS to be done...and it will be beautiful. All those cups of teas we have all had natters over stitched together to show what really matters in life.

Now, am I making any sense????

Debs said...

I love your blog, it makes perfect sense to me. Love the teabags, wish I was as artistic.

laurie said...

ha! you can't get rid of us so easily, JJ.

Angie said...

Glad to hear you've worked out some plot details. You made perfect sense.
I would love to see that teabag quilt all put together. As everyone said, you are so artsy!

-Angie xx

(p.s. Try to make us stop. Mwah ha ha.)

Leigh said...

JJ. You don't have to make sense; you only have to function, and you don't have to do that very well if you don't want to. We love you anyway.

p.s. but you do make sense.

Carol and Chris said...

It was me she was doing the loyal friend duty for and it was much appreciated!!

JJ - you always make sense....kinda :-)

C x

Lucy Diamond said...

Glad you are feeling confident about the novel again, and that it's coming together - and of course you are making sense!

(I thought those teabags were pot-pourri!)

Lane said...

At first glance I thought you were posting a photo of exotic Thai fruit!

Don't worry about making sense.
Sometimes we dos, sometimes we don'ts. It's all the same to me:-)

Leigh said...

I loved this! When I first saw these pictures I thought they were some sort of Thai delicacy.

If not a patchwork quilt, you must create some art form: a teabag-and-seashell collage, perhaps?