Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why I heart Thailand

Last night the Skyros group after mine transferred back to Bangkok from Koh Chang. Now obviously I didn’t know any of these folk, but Julia and I had arranged to meet the night she was back in Bangkok so she could buy some presents in the night market before flying home to the UK.

We shopped; we gossiped and we had supper and yummy juices. Then Husband turned up as we were going to meet some of the Skyros group. They had arranged to meet in DJ Station, Silom soi 2 where there was a ladyboy show. Silom 2 was an alleyway rather than a proper little street and it filtered us through ‘leave your bags here’ section, then a metal detector and finally after getting the all clear, you could pay to go in. But I was stopped at the metal detector stage. A sign was pushed under my nose, informing me that no-one wearing slippers would be allowed in because broken glass may be a hazard. The sign showed a picture of flip flops … sigh.

If I was a proper expat wife I would always be wearing smart, probably sparkly sandals, my toes would always be beautifully pedicured and painted – and my big toe on my right foot wouldn’t have had something dropped on it so the top half had fallen off, making it look like it’s been enthusiastically bitten.

But I’m a struggling expat wife, I’m not very smart and my nails get done only rarely when I remember to have some standards …

So I tell Husband and Julia to wait for me there, and I go back out onto Silom to see if I can find a solution. Just a few yards up the road is a man with a plastic sheet stretched out on the pavement, selling shoes for 99 baht. Result. So I select about the only pair that fit me that I was prepared to be seen dead in – they are quite horrible, but for £1.50 what do I expect? I put my lovely purple Havaianas in the plastic bag and don my revolting, plastic pointy shoes and return to the club entrance for some serious fun.

And that’s why I love Thailand.


Pacha said...

Oh brilliant! This story has put a smile on my face I can't shake off (and I sort of want to live in Thailand too). Those shoes have too. But for £1.50 that is a fantastic bargain. You should wear them always!

I'm so pleased you had a good time with Julia and the Skyros group!

Pacha said...
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SpiralSkies said...

You'd probably have been allowed in wearing proper slippers. I shall wear my fluffies at all times when I come to live with you!

It is unbearably cool though - the whole evening sounds like something that couldn't really happen in real life somehow.

Most envious, as always...


Lane said...

A ladyboy show??

What a great story. Where else in the world could you possibly a) go to a ladyboy show and b) nip along the road and buy pointy shoes for £1.50!

You'll never be lacking in material to write about, that's for sure!


JJ said...

Pacha, daughter thinks they are lovely, and since her feet are the same size as mine, she has requisitioned them.

Jen, had I been able to find my sleepers I would almost certainly have been wearing them! Sometimes the air con is so cold you need fluffies: do ensure that you bring them.

Lane, those were my very words to Husband and Julie on my return to the alleyway: "How can you not write about Thailand?"


laurie said...

wow. those are kickin' shoes. in more ways than one.

Carol and Chris said...

LOL - the joys of the Thai market!!

Glad you had a good time

C x

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I can completely see why you love those flip-flops. I want some.

Leigh said...

What a great place!
But I'm with you on the flip-flops.

Jon M said...

I'd have to buy a handbag to go with them...(I worry sometimes)

Mel said...

ooh dem some noice shoes love!

Everything from noodles to shoes are always just a few steps away wherever you are in Thailand (even in a village in the middle of nowhere!). I love that too. I can't believe you're not keeping the shoes to wear every special occasion!