Friday, January 18, 2008

Stolen from ...

... KeVinK.

52 words

Touch Typing online

This is actually somewhat pitiful because I learned to type properly between school and university (the first time) and during my many stints temping I've hit 70 words a minute. Mind you that was usually gibberish, but if I slowed down a bit I could do 60 fairly accurate words. Never mind, copy typing is harder. If I was doing my own it may be a bit faster.

So how fast do you type?

Oh, Cally (see comments) so did I and I can't bear to be so slow: so, I've retested. That's a bit more like it. (Not that I'm competitive or anything.)

66 words

Touch Typing


CTaylor said...

OOh what fun! I got 79 words per minute. I trained as a touch typist when I was 18 and it's a skill that's stuck (can't say the same for shorthand unfortunately!)

Lane said...

oh dear - only 37:-( I'm such a slow banana.

I'm going to have to go back and try again:-)

Pacha said...

Ha! I got 38 first time and then 37 second time. No use me going back to try again. Am so crap!

Jon M said...

But I was using me toes...honest!

Carol and Chris said...

I got 48 then went up to 51 (with no mistakes!!).

Tom got 28 - he was using his toes too Jon

C x

laurie said...

i tested at 104 but that was after doing it about a million times.

once i got ahead of the highlights, and so it said i had every word wrong. NO I DIDN'T--THE COMPUTER COULDN'T KEEP UP WITH ME.

but you're right that you go slower when you're not copying actual text. just random words makes it hard to get into a flow.

Leigh said...

Ha, your update made me laugh, because I tried so hard to beat Cally... and couldn't!!!