Friday, January 25, 2008

Tagged by Liz

Liz has tagged me. Phew, I'm less bad tempered today, but feeling a bit dry of inspiration, so thank you Liz.

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Liz said: ‘These tags are tough because it is to find things I haven't said before so I repeat myself forgive me.’ She’s right; I can’t think of a thing I haven’t already shared on my blog … so hmmm, let’s see, without mentioning my love affair with tea...

1. I’m obsessed with the colour orange. This started when I was at Art College and did a piece of work on me, myself and I and I realised that I was orange. Because my ‘office’ is actually our dressing area I write facing a mirror, which is quite horrific, so I’ve decorated it with the bits of orange stuff that I, family and close friends have bought for me. You can see it somewhere on my blog but I can’t remember where.

2. I thought it was normal to want to make a patchwork quilt out of old teabags? No? Well, it was a relief then to get to Art College and realise that there were other people in this world who wanted to bathe in paint, print with teabags and make sculptures that look like bodily functions. Phew, I thought I was on my own there.

3. I LOVE potatoes. When I worked in York there was a little church that had been turned into a café and resource centre. It had a yummy wholefoody café that I frequented with another potatophile, and we always ate Homity Pie (this is potato pie) and potato salad.

4. I’m a repressed vegetarian. I love veggie foods: particularly lentils and chickpeas and mostly I’m not bothered by meat. But I like roast lamb, (English) sausages, and the odd steak when out, so you see I wouldn’t be a very good veggie. I also blame my family who are all dreadful, confirmed meateaters (apart from daughter who’s tried to give up meat because ‘it’s wrong’ but mostly gone back to it because she loves it.)

5 I sing all the time – it’s a very irritating habit because mostly I sing (badly) only two lines of the same song over and over, or a deeply embarrassing song (Fireman Sam was a big favourite and my children used to sing this to me deliberately so it get stuck in my head and I’d sing it ALL DAY). Or worse: both of those things. I’m not very good at looking cool but still I sometimes try and it often goes horribly wrong because of the singing. In the first few days of Art College, I was sharing an easel with a woman called Sally and as I started to relax, I must’ve started singing because Sally peered round from her side of the easel, and said ‘Are you actually singing Pat-A-Cake, Pat-A-Cake, Baker’s Man?’ Then in Koh Chang for Skyros this Christmas, after my group had gone home, Husband, Yogi David, Julia Bell, and I went off scuba/snorkelling for the day. For lunch we got put down on this perfect desert island, and after lunch it was so hot that some of us went into the water. So as I start to relax, floating about in the warm shallow water yup, you guessed right, I start to sing… until eventually, Julia swims towards me saying: ‘Are you really singing ‘Jingle Bells?’ (It could’ve another tacky Christmas carol, but anyway, you get the picture. And look, it was Julia Bell, and really, I didn’t want to look a total twit. Still, I think it may’ve been a bit late by then.)

6. (Ho hum … What else?) Uhm, I often run out of energy for finishing things?

Tag six people... Pacha, Helen, Yvonne, Cally, Leigh and Angie. Or not if you don't want. I shan't be offended.


Charlotte said...

I do that tuneless, two-line singing thing too. Ever tried Postman Pat?

Lane said...

Did you ever finish the teabag quilt?? I'm trying hard to picture it!!

Leigh said...

Orange...I am a zealous convert to orange. Our hall is completely orange (carpet and walls, but not ceiling). I hated it originally, and Himself and I had a huge argument about it, but when even the postie took his side, I had to give in. I'm glad I did now!

I loved the bit about singing. I too find myself trilling the same irritating (usually children's) tunes over and over again, but I can restrain myself when necessary. My step-daughter came on holiday with us last year, and by the end of the week we had her singing the theme tune to Pingu, which was particularly amusing (for us!). She was still going as we waved her bye bye at the airport!

Pacha said...

Orange is a cool colour to be. I think I am green and that isn't cool or nice.

I wish I was red.

Thanks for the tag JJ!

5. as hilarious! Singing when you're relaxed! When I was teaching in Nursery school obviously we would do a loooooot of singing and those songs stuck stuck stuck to my mind. I thought I was going mad tortured by Nursery rhymes and songs in all my free time!

How does the Fireman Sam song go? I don't think I know it.

Angie said...

Thanks for the tag, I could use some blog inspiration this I just have to think of six interesting things I haven't already shared. I'm jealous of yours, they're just so fun!
I'm also constantly singing, though I have to say I've never done it in public, so I loved those stories! :)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I seem to be writing many comments this week saying 'thanks for not tagging me' - but I did enjoy reading your meme. I love potatoes too, and can happily eat a whole plateful, steamed, with salt, pepper and butter. Yum.

JJ said...

Oh Charlotte, shame on you: that's Postman Pat in my head for the rest of the day! Okey doke was another favourite of mine. Particularly difficult to dislodge from the brain.

Lane, so far I've only collected the dead teabags. They're sitting in a beautiful metallic bowl, looking like an installation all of their own ... really, they are.

Leigh, excellent entrance hall. Our bedroom is purple and orange! Pingu is a tune I don't know, and won't be rushing to find out... thank you.

Pacha, green? It depends what shade. I'm wearing a bit more green these days - there are some nice sludgy greens about at the moment. I'M NOT SINGING FIREMAN SAM, I'M NOT. IT WILL GET STUCK IN MY HEAD.

Angie, it's a pleasure. I needed it too, I was short on inspiration by the end of the week.

Zinnia, how funny; your name flashed through my mind, but I couldn't recall you ever doing a meme, so I worried you wouldn't want to be tagged. HOWEVER, I see you have been anyway!


liz fenwick said...

Loved your answers especially the singing :-)