Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Making magical wishes for 2008 with giant Chiang Mai sky lanterns. This was Christmas Eve at Skyros on Koh Chang. For New Year's Eve this year I was in bed at 10pm with a lurgy, so I'm going to pretend that Christmas Eve was New Year's Eve.


hellojed said...


Caroline said...

Happy New Year.

CC Devine said...

They look wonderful. What fun!

Jon M said...

Happy happy happy new year! (Hope the lurgy feels better soon as well)

gnarlykitty said...

Happy New Year to you too!

Stumbled upon your blog coz I was search for people who are blogging with BlackBerry from AIS.. How geeky of me..

Leigh said...

How is it that the Thais manage to put so much more imagination into everything than we do here?

Can you imagine giant pumpkins, t-shirts for five, and these lovely lanterns adorning English streets?

Not round here. It's a shame!

Lane said...

Hope your lurgy's gone jj.

Love the giant lanterns almost as much as the giant hospital people .... but not quite:-)

Happy New Year Mrs Tea Stain x

Carol and Chris said...

Happy New Year honey.

C x