Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heavy Weather Making

I really am making kerfuffle out of this article.

I’ve been trying to adapt it in the ways suggested by the editor.

I loathe jigsaw puzzles but find writing an article a bit like a puzzle. I sit typing away not really sure what my story or angle is, and then a little while in I suddenly realise what the shape is, what my argument is, or whatever and a few shuffles of the paragraphs into a different order and I’m getting there.

But I’ve finally come to the conclusion that here, with this article I’m trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

Today, after my committee meeting and a revolting lunch (I made it myself), I finally accepted this. I’d got a good idea what the shape/angle/story is but no amount of wedging or ramming the old version into the new hole was going to work. It doesn’t fit. There is nothing else for it: I’ve got to ditch the old one and start anew.

So I started rewriting.

I’ve been writing on and off for hours, and I’ve wrung out only 324 words so far. I think I might stop now and restart when I’m fresh in the morning.

Instead I could start my index cards with the scenes I’m planning. Ooohooo, that feels like a good decision.


SueG said...

Don't fret. You'll get there! With your determination it's sure to happen.

Yvonne said...

Keep me posted on your progress! For my own selfish purposes of course - I love reading about your editing process as I'm about to start! ;)

laurie said...

how's the article going? you got to polish that baby off and get going on your novel....

i suggest an quick outline. a map, if you will. helps me.