Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Write, Wrong?

I’ve finished The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (three out of five) and started The Door by Magda Szabo.

And, I’ve done some writing.

I’ve written my Book Club report which wasn’t due until 5 February. That’s a first.

I’ve thought of a subject that was evading me for an upcoming article.

I started the second Andaman Discoveries article, but there’s a third of these due too. And quite rightly, they are keen to get the Bangkok Post article that I wrote last term that needs work, back to submit – having been reworked. I looked at it on Monday and decided that it needed to be rewritten. Sometimes it’s easier starting from scratch rather than rejigging.

But I haven’t done any more novel. This is somewhat depressing because it’s nearly February. I have to develop the sitting-on-your-bum-more-regularly habit if I want to keep up with the writing I’ve promised and the writing I want to do.

And still, every time, pretty much, that I do engage bum glue and sit on my ever expanding, writerly arse, I wonder if I can do it (write a novel). In fact, it’s worse than that: what I really I think is ‘I don’t think I can do this…’



aim said...

Nice blog &
Nice to meet you ++++

SpiralSkies said...

You can do it if you want to do it - you put one word after another, just like you do with all the other things you write.

It's so hard at the beginning, isn't it? How about deliberately deciding not to think about your novel for a while and see if the enforced break makes you itch again?

liz fenwick said...

Just keep writing even if its crap - you can edit crap. That's what i am doing now and it still may be crap at the end but who knows......WRITE!!!!

laurie said...

i bet you can.

a chapter at a time.

you can think of the chapters as magazine pieces. those are do-able.

so, nine magazine pieces. or 12.

that's within your grasp.

Lucy Diamond said...

YES YES YES, you can do it. Sort yourself out some time in Feb, book those writing days in your diary and do it. No excuses. You know we'll be checking up on you!

Lane said...

Try it jj. Just try to write something every day, whether it's rubbish, in the wring order, whatever. Please!

wordtryst said...

You can do it. And you will.

When I'm in the "I can't do it" place I don't force myself. Taking the pressure off is sometimes the best. (For me, anyway.) Allows the subconscious to do its stuff. When I come back to it the energy has returned and I see more clearly.