Monday, October 15, 2007

21st century birthday

I am having a very twenty first century birthday in keeping with my technology addicted life.

I am posting this to tea-stains with my very exciting birthday present, my new Blackberry, courtesy of Husband after much whispering in his ear while he was asleep and sending subliminal emails, with barely seeable text saying 'buy JJ a blackberry'.

I've had lots of birthday wishes from blog friends, an email from my sister, my brother and my two sister in laws. And I've just watched my gorgeous god-daughters and their Dad, singing a beautiful rendition of happy birthday to me on a podcast on our closed blog 'The Bull's Horn.'

I've only had real cards from Bangkok people, but all those cyber wishes have made my day: thank you.

Happy birthday to blogger Lane and her daughter too!

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Carol and Chris said...

So......did you get home and stare at your pours? (I did)

Happy Birthday hon

C x

JJ said...

Carol, eh? What? My pours? Paws? Eyebrows?

Thanks for my lovely pressie honey.

Helen said...

Happy Birthday JJ!

Pacha said...

Well that is wonderful! Husband has done himself proud!(I love it when husbands and subliminal messages WORK!)...

So pleased you had a much better day than yesterday and a special birthday!

JJ said...

Thanks Helen.

Pacha, hasn't he? But where I was already addicted, I now have a proper problem! If I wake in the night, I check my blackberry. How dreadful is that?


Carol and Chris said...

Oooops.....that should have been pores......Did you go home and stare at your pores?

I blame scared cats and small Thai children for the spelling mistake...all are wanting waaaay to much attention!!!

C x

Carol and Chris said...

Oh - and your welcome. I'm really glad you liked it.

Enjoy the rest of your day

C x

CTaylor said...

Happy Birthday JJ. As a bit of a techno-geek myself I'm very impressed by your b'day present. Hope you have a wonderful day :o)

A. Writer said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a good one!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday honey.

Leigh said...

A Blackberry? You lucky thing.

You just keep checking it in the night – as much as you want to. Hopefully, the novelty will wear out before your eyes do!
(Just jealous, of course.)

Happy Birthday, JJ.

Lane said...

OOooh a Blackberry

I am not jealous

I am not jealous

I am ... just a little:-)

Have fun with it (and your new cleansed pores)


JJ said...

Carol, stupid me, I can't believe I couldn't work that out! Paws indeed?

Cally, thank you. It's rather exciting. I am hopelessly addicted!

Thanks, A Writer.

Caroline, thanks sweetie.

Leigh, thank you. Sorry to make you a bit green.

Lane, thanks honey. Hope your day was good too. My skin is looking decidedly like it might erupt in spots, whatever they did to it! Oops, but I'm sure that it was good for it!

liz fenwick said...

Enjoy the technology :-) Great pressie! So you will now be in touch when you are at the office????

Angie said...

Ooo, well done husband! And you sent your first post via blackberry, very cool.