Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Transfer by sea

We had an exciting transfer yesterday. Lots of our transport has been interesting.

When we arrived at Phuket we were picked up and delivered to the speed boat provided by the hotel. But there was no pier at the beach of the hotel, so unless we paddled in to the dry land I couldn't work out how we'd get to the sand. (This was entirely possible, but NOT carrying my 19kg suitcase on my head! What happened was a strange floaty thing - not a boat exactly but I wasn't sure why it wasn't at the time - met us off the speed boat for the last 50 yards of the sea. All our luggage was transferred to this transport thing and we moved the last few yards to the beach, but we weren't floating, we were driving. This green floaty thing drove up and out of the water and onto the sand, and that was when I realised it wasn't really a boat, but a kind of water tractor thing.

Yesterday's transport was a long tailed boat. The green floaty tractor thing took us and our luggage to meet the boat, and we were all transferred to our new mode of transport. This first picture is from the tractor thing and the second before we got moving. I wish I could have taken a picture for you while we were moving but I was gripping on for dear life.

At our new hotel there was no tractor thing to come and meet us, so we did have to paddle the last few metres, but nice Thai man carried out luggage, thanks heavens.


liz fenwick said...

what an experience!

Lane said...

Ooh it sounds lovely.
My envy shade of pistachio is deepening to pea green:-)

JJ said...

It was Liz. It looks so tranquil in the picture, but once we got going I was hugging my handbag to my chest!

Sorry Lane, don't mean to do that to you, but make sure you look by tomorrow to find out how I get my comeuppance for blogging about paradise!!!


Carol and Chris said...

The tractor thing sounds interesting.....

We've just booked a holiday for January so I am no longer feeling green :-)

C x

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Have just caught up with your holiday posts, it sounds fabulous, especially the snorkelling. I love snorkelling too but have only done it in the Med, it's so relaxing to hang with the fishes (am not getting down with de yoot, it really does feel like hanging from the fishes' ceiling to me).

JJ said...

Good, glad you're not feeling green. See my post today for bragging about Paradise: God's Punishment!
Xmas, ooh, where are you going?


Yup you're so right - it's exactly like hanging on their ceiling. It's like another world down there. So tranquil and beautiful. I just loved it when the little stripey things swam past me as though this great galumphing human was one of them!