Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Weekend

On Saturday Husband and children went scuba diving. I went along for the ride on the speedboat, and for the snorkelling.

I floated about on the water and could see for metres and metres, and the longer I stayed still, the more I could see. I saw lots of barracudas, puffer fish, a big turtle, (that’s it for the technical terminology) some pretty blue and yellow fish that seemed to think I was one of them (boy, must they be stupid?) plus lots of others of all colours. There were bright blue star fish lounging on rocks and coral, and some kind of big planty thing that looked like a cobalt blue and black tarantula! Eeek. (Gosh those Latin names are just dripping from my mouth, eh?)

The landscape out in the sea was spectacular. I love those big organic shapes of rocks and islands but I see them as an artist not an adventurer - I have no wish to climb them. I want to touch their texture, look for images in them and in their negative spaces. I want to record the patterns in the rock face and the jagged edges of corrosion.
On Sunday we had no plans, apart from a booking at the spa for Husband and me in the afternoon.

Daughter wanted to go to the beach to collect litter. (I must have done something right). She dressed in a ‘Global Citizen’ t-shirt she got from a school trip and took a bag to the beach. It wasn’t the cleanest beach ever – nothing sinister was found, just detritus left behind by people who don’t seem to care enough. When she’d filled her bag she took it to reception to ask for another bag, which they gave her. Half an hour later a team of cleaners had been dispatched to the beach. (We weren’t intending to be critical but we were a bit embarrassed.)

I had a lovely facial at the spa. (Although what with this facial and birthday facial last week, I have erupted in spots, so I’m rather glad to be on a remote island, right now.) Husband had a massage. In my relaxed post facial state I managed to fling my contact lens lid into the jungle ravine next to me, never to be seen again.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the resort pool. Husband was brave enough to race Daughter, who is scarily fast, and Son went up and down the water slide.


Pacha said...

I want to be you.

hellojed said...

That looks beautiful. A friend of mine is going to Thailand in November, I wish I was going with her now!

Lane said...

Those rock shapes are amamzing. The one on the left looks like it's peeling.

I am a pale shade of green (sort of pistachio) with envy but glad you're having a fabby time:-)

JJ said...

Oh Pacha, how lovely, but you don't really. You are in Italy, home of pasta, supermarket with British chocolate, although I have discovered a new shop with Branston Pickle!

JJ said...

Oh dear, I was so keen to log on, I forgot to answer anyone else.

Hellojed, the islandy rock things are beautiful. What a shame you're not coming too, it's really beautiful.

Yes, it does Lane, doesn't it?

Rebecca said...

I must admit to a teeny tiny bit of envy ... :)

but, wow, your daughter wanting to clean up the beach?? How cool is that!

JJ said...

Hi Rebecca

Sorry to make you a bit green!

Daughter and her social conscience? She really is great: very strong sense of justice too. I'm very proud of her.