Monday, October 01, 2007

Odds and Ands

The first of the month always has me thinking of fresh starts. I like opening up a new document (in today’s case, it’s called ‘October’) inside my ‘Postings’ folder, inside my ‘Blog’ folder inside … How tragic that sounds, and yet I feel you will know what I mean.

And October is my favourite month because it’s autumn: gold, orange, red, yellow and brown. (Actually, in Bangkok, it’s just hot and humid still, so I have to dream about the autumnal colours.)

And October is my birthday. Hurrah. And (again) although it means I am another year older I still get unfeasibly excited about my birthday. Husband is very good at presents (no pressure, dear) but I have been whispering in his ear while he is asleep and sending subliminal messages about what I would like this year.

Tomorrow I go and pick up the keys to my ‘office’ - how excited am I? (After one month the office and furniture will turn into a pumpkin and a fleet of little mice if I don’t produce words and that will be an end to my having a special place to write. So I have to work hard to justify it.)

And now I’m going to write.


Jen said...

If it cheers you any, there's no golden autumn here - just grey and green sludge. I suspect you're in a better place.

How exciting, picking up the keys to your writing studio. All sounds terribly grown up. Now write, woman, write!

Lane said...

No glorious autumns here either:(( Just drizzle and slimey leaves.

October is The Month of My Birth too. I hate birthdays but my daughter has the same birthday as me (different year of course!) so I have to make an effort:))

Am going to be watching your word count and imagine you in your office writing like a dervish:))

Helen said...

I'm yet another October birthday. Yesterday we went to a beautiful stately home with acres of trees (lots of conkers!) some were green, some were tuurning golden, some were fully golden and some were red. It was crisp, yet we could still sit outside for our cream tea!I love this time of year.x

Rebecca said...

I hope you enjoy your wonderful office and create lots of inspired sentences, paragraphs and pages and pages of words. (that turn into a brilliant novel, of course)

JJ said...

Jen, oh bugger, the image of autumn was much nicer in my head. Sorry to hear that. I will try very hard to write.

Lane, Mmm, it doesn't sound so good. Oooh, my son has the same birthday as Husband, too. Let's hope my word count whizzes so fast you can bearly keep your eyes on it.

Helen, wow, all us October girls. How interesting. I didn't know many people with birthdays in October. The majority of my friends are April! Your autumn sounds lovely.

Rebecca, Thank you. I hope to, oh god, I hope to. Otherwise it'll be back to the chocolate muffins at Starbucks. Not good!


hellojed said...

Happy birthday! And congratulations on the new office when you get the keys!

JJ said...

Hi Hellojed, Not happy birthday today (two weeks) but thank you anyway; I'll hold it in lieu!

sheepish said...

Just don't leave me too far behind!!!! If your "office" works, which I'm sure it will then I will have to make myself a work area, instead of the dining table!!!!!

JJ said...

Oh, but Sheepish, I've just been to look and you're 10,000 words ahead of me! Pah, just a couple of days, and I'll be there! OMG!

CTaylor said...

OOoh so jealous of your office but how exciting! Are you going to pin up lots of inspirational artwork, photos and quotes or are you going for the minimal "I don't want anything to distract me" approach?

My b'day this month too! :o)

How interesting - me, you, Lane and Helen all have b'days this month.

JJ said...

Hi Cally, NO! NO colour or pictures or anything. (I think from memory the walls are pink!) but no distractions, just four pink walls, my orange (eugh) beanbag and a borrowed table and chair!

That's so weird about the birthdays - I really don't know other Librans. How funny.

CTaylor said...

Ah no, not Libran. I just squeaked in Scorpio.

JJ said...

Oooh, Cally, don't know any Scorpios either. How interesting.