Monday, October 08, 2007

I got there!

I got to my office this morning and I put together my fan (how hard can it be? I thought. The instructions were in THAI, so when it said 'remove the plastic protector sleevy thing', I didn't know I had to do that. Eventually, I worked out that that bit was too fat for that bit, so something had to change, and I got there in the end.)

Then I rushed off to my appointment at 12.

I got back to my office at 2pm, armed with lunch: Dim Sum and fresh orange juice, both bought on the street - (total cost £1.50ish)

And a full two hours to write. I was a bit slow getting into it because I haven't written for a week, but I got going in the end, and wrote 1200 words. My 'sick children' week was a blessing in the end, because last week I was really nervous of the pressure of the 'Office' but all of that worry had evaporated in the desperate need to get down there and write. HURRAH.
Thanks to everyone for their well wishing. xxx


Lane said...

I want that room. I WANT that room... and the dim sum and I like the way your screen saver matches your bean bag:-)
Happy writing JJ. It looks like a great set-up.

Caroline said...

Can I come and write with you? Please.
I was all set to start novel 3 today, desk tidy, pens out, a new week ... and Poppy is ill! I think that your children may have had words with her!


Rebecca said...

looks fantastic (lunch, that is) and the office looks pretty good too. :)

1200 words is good. very good. 1200 words a day is a book in less than three months.

JJ said...

Lane, thank you m'dear. It's a very warm room! Though I heard today that the owners might, just might fix the air con! I do love my orangy things.

Caroline, Ooooh, no, Poppy sick? I think they may have been colluding. Yes, come and join me - if you don't mind the heat!

Thanks Rebecca, lunch was good, office was good - at least I wrote rather than froze in fear! - no chance in that heat!


Jen said...

Oh, it all seems to civilised - I'm hugely envious. I'd be able to write if I had some Dim Sum :0)

Well done - 1200 words is a fab day's work XX

JJ said...

Thanks Jen. It's very warm in there! I don't like to complain, because I do realise what a spoilt brat I am for having a little room, but it is warm...

I had to eat my dim sum with my fingers too because I didn't think to pick up a stick at the place where i bought them. Ooops.

Pacha said...

Where is my comment? I commented earlier. Or did I just imagine I commented? I need to sleep more. Anyway, the office looks fantastic. And I am ridiculously excited for you - you made it! I love the orange bean bag although I suspect that if you sit in that you possibly will never surface again (which could be a good thing depending on your needs at the time).

You made me laugh about the fan. Stuff I buy over here seem to come with Thai instructions too.

I want an office with no children, toys, phone, piles of ironing, or a door... (do you have access to a phone/internet in your office? I think this is my personal downfall - the lure of t'internet is too strong! At least that is my excuse today.)

JJ said...

Hi Pacha, I don't know where your comment went - if you made one it's winging itself around cyberspace as we speak... what a lovely idea.

Well, my chair is a little short for the table, so I did sit in the bean bag, which is lovely and comfortable, but because the fan is on, and i wear lenses, I did find myself with drooping eyelids once or twice. I got up to make some tea in my new kettle, but I had to boil and throw away the first lot of water. I didn't have anywhere to throw the water, so I poured it back into the water bottle I'd got it from, and it promptly melted. OOOps. So no cup of tea to wake me up!

I only have my mobile with me, which is a blackberry, so emails will come in but surfing is hard work and slow! If I don't have the Blackberry, I've been known to run home to check my email. Pathetic, huh?


Carol and Chris said...

Your office looks great

*whispers* Can you not get internet access in Starbucks across the road?

Congrats on your word count!!

C x

liz fenwick said...

Love your office and well done on the words. :-)

CTaylor said...

That's brilliant, well done! Love your room, love that you can get Dim Sum and orange juice for £1.50. Love the energy you've got for your writing.