Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What I wanted to say ...

For the last three days I have sat down to blog. Sometimes I couldn’t write anything and sometimes I’ve started to write but it’s come out all wrong.

I wanted to tell you about how son left his phone in the resort and the hotel rang me (via the ticket lady) on the ferry to tell me that they’d send a man in a long-tailed boat to the ferry to give us the phone (this would cost 650 Baht, £10!). Son and I took turns waiting for the boat to come, and then while it was my watch, 9am rolled round and the ferry set off. Oh well, I thought, another phone lost by son. I went inside to join the children, then I thought to myself, hang on a sec: this is Thailand … I wonder … I went back outside.

We sailed away from Ton Sai Bay and over the horizon came a long-tailed boat. The ferry, full of passengers eager to get to Phuket, Krabi and other destinations, stopped in the middle of the sea. The man handed over Son’s phone to ticket lady, who took the money from me and gave it to him. And then the ferry set off again. Surely, only in Thailand?

I wanted to tell you about reading Human Traces by Sebastian Faulkes for Book Club, which is a novel about two ‘mad doctors’ wanting to find cures for mental illnesses and how it made me wonder if I'd lived in a different time, I might’ve been sent to an asylum for ‘melancholia’ as they called it. Almost certainly I would.

I want to tell you about being asked to do some volunteer charity work in communities in Southern Thailand in exchange for writing some articles about the company and their responsible tourism projects.

I want to tell you what I’m doing at Christmas because I’m just so excited, but it’s not confirmed yet, and I don’t want to tempt fate.

I’ve wanted to say lots of things, but I don’t seem able to get my words out. So I’m sorry if this is a bit disjointed and odd, but at least it isn’t a blank page anymore.


Caroline said...

I feel the same today - buzzing ideas and thoughts but nothing is quite forming.

I do hope that you'll tell us about Christmas soon and your Book Club ... sigh ... I have Book Club envy.


Carol and Chris said...

Now THAT is what I call an Only In Thailand moment!! *Am chortling away as I write this*

Sorry I missed book club - too many things to do before my Mother descends!!

Ooohhhh I really want to know what your planning to do at Christmas....don't hold us in suspense too long!!

C x

Helen said...

I too have lots of things stewing about in my mind. It's a weird feeling isn't it when so much is going on but you can't communicate them down onto a page. But I think you did a good job...wasn't disjointed and odd at all. Lots of flavour. x

sheepish said...

I think I feel like that most days, you managed to convey the essential and sometimes thats as good as it gets. Values must be so different in Thailand it must be quite difficult when you go back to England where Customer care barely exists anymore. I envy you your Book Club I shall try and find one when/if we ever get to move on.Sigh!!!!! And thinking about Christmas already oh dear, is it really only 7 weeks away?

Angie said...

I feel like that a lot too. You did a great job of getting all those thoughts across, and now I'm wondering about your wonderful Christmas plans. (Can you believe it's sneaking up already?!)
I'm amazed at the pains they took to return your phone, that is wonderful. Wouldn't happen in the west these days.
Human Traces sounds like an intriguing read.

Leigh said...

Well done, JJ. You can get writer's block for your blog too, you know. It's a nice post. I liked it.

Interested in your reading of Human Traces. Recommend A War of Nerves, by Ben Shephard.

JJ said...

Caroline, I don't know what's gone wrong in my head. I just hadn't got the energy to make any of it work. I will try to do the book club one soon.

Carol, don't worry about book club. Since you hadn't read it it wouldn't have been the most interesting one for you.

Helen, thank you. It's never happened with my blog before: I was just incapable of saying the right thing, somehow.

Sheepish, I don't normally feel like that with my blog ... other writing yes, but this was odd. Anyway, all the snippets are of me know and either will or won't be blogged about again. So, no more stress! Ha, hopefully.

Angie, thank you. Maybe it was a problem of having too much to say? It doesn't usually stop me though.

Leigh, Thank you. I'm going to investigate A War of Nerves, in a minute on Amazon, then see if I can find it here.


Rebecca said...

it doesn sound like it could only happy on Thailand - certainly wouldn't happen here.

and can't wait to find out what you're doing for Christmas

Rebecca said...

my goodness - I should do a spell check before I post - that's what happens when you make blog comments when you're running out the door. sorry. I have no idea what I was trying to say....

Lane said...

What I wanted to say is thank you for saying so much in that post. Blog block is weird isn't it?

Am intruiged to hear about your Xmas plans:-)

Pacha said...

I've been having the same problem but with comments...I can't fix thoughts or words lately (am beginning to doubt I ever could)...

ohhhhh, whatcha doing for Christmas? Do tell, do tell!

If I lived in a different time I would be locked away in straight jacket and key would be thrown away. I'm surprised it hasn't happened in present time... yet.

JJ said...

Yeah, I have to agree there, I'm surprised it hasn't happened to me yet, either, though I'm fairly sure husband's thought more than once about it!


JJ said...

Ooh, Rebecca, sorry, don't know what happened there. Don't worry about the typos, I could understand!

Lane, Thank you. It was a weird one, indeed.