Thursday, October 04, 2007

On boring you all to death

Today Son is in school. Daughter is Not. Swappsies.

Daughter had the cold first and insisted, after Monday off, to return on Tuesday and Wednesday. I knew I should’ve said no, but I was ‘ineffective mother.’ When your child is saying ‘I really want to go to school’ how can you say no? Well, like that I guess: No. (Who’s in charge here?) But I didn’t, she went and now she’s off school again. She’s quite poorly and I am cross with myself for letting her persuade me she was okay. She wasn’t.

So today I had to cancel breakfast with husband and send my apologies to my meeting.

However, I am going to write from home. My wee pink office will wait. I have an article for my friend in the UK to do and then maybe I will write some novel.

And just to prove that I'm not trying to bore my blog friends to death, have a little look at this a funny story about Thai food, from the BBC.


Jen said...

How impressively, thoroughly British to call the emergency services because someone's cooking with chillies! That did make me chuckle.

Hope Daughter perks up quickly. I had No 2 Son off Mon & Tues and today and tomorrow they have inset days... sigh... am currently hiding in bed to get some writing done... where is the coffee fairy?

Lane said...

You'd think in Soho they'd be used to various 'aromas':-)

Hope you can make it to the Pink Office soon!


JJ said...

I guess it's just life, Jen, isn't it? I still haven't written anything today, however...

Lane - it's just hilarious isn't it. I'm sure I'll get there soon!


Caroline said...

I think that your children are plotting against you ....



Carol and Chris said...

Ha - those people should try walking down my Soi at lunchtime!! I particularly liked the line 'the smell prompted several members of the public to call the emergency services'


C x

JJ said...

Caroline, I AM beginning to think they are. They have something going on here...

Carol, ANY of our sois! I know - it's hilarious, isn't it? I'm still grinning about this.


Mel said...

I think that story gave millions of people a good's just so ridiculous...chemical warfare at it's most dangerous!

Wow - congrats on your new office, lovely choice of serene colouring.

You know, I haven't had the flu in over 3 years since I've been in Thailand..I used to get bronchitis every year but since living here all I get is the occasional tummy issue (dodgy curry?)oh, sharing too much maybe :-)Hope your liluns are better soon.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

That article didn't so much make me laugh as make me nostalgic for Thai food. Not that I've ever been to Thailand, but I used to live in BigCity and eat yummy Thai food regularly, and although overall I prefer the lifestyle where I live now, one of the things I really miss is a city-sized choice of restaurants.

Angie said...

Hope everyone gets well and you can go enjoy your pink(!) office soon!

Hugs x

JJ said...

Hi Mel, it certainly gave me a giggle. That cold thing - when I first got here I instantly came down with a cold which turned into a chest infection and lots of people told me that it was common here to not be able to get rid of a bug, and end up needing antibiotics - something to do with the moisture, I thought 'scientifically' - can you tell I'm an artist? Anyway it doesn't sound like that for you. Our kids' asthma is loads better here - despite the pollution!

Zinnia, I can completely understand that - I dread going back to the UK as we almost certainly won't move to a city, won't get the variety of restaurants and we'll have to cook our own Thai!!!

Thanks Angie, I'm sure I will - maybe next week will all be fine! Oh god, fingers crossed!