Monday, October 22, 2007


This morning Husband caught the early boat back to Phuket, to catch a flight back to Bangkok. He has to fly to Hong Kong for a three day meeting, which is a bit sad because tomorrow is a bank holiday in Thailand, but clearly no-one told Hong Kong.

This resort has been lovely, but they don’t have room for us for the rest of the week, so Kids and I going, by long tailed boat, to the next bay to another resort.

One of the lovely things we’ve found about Thailand (compared to the UK) is the cheapness and abundance of flowers. (For Daughter’s birthday the year before last, I bought 50 pink roses for just over £1. The roses don’t last more than a few days, but who cares at that price?) Because it is relatively cheap to employ people, hotels think nothing of having lots of time consuming tasks undertaken, such as beautiful flower decorations everywhere. Husband and I were joking that when the trees aren’t flowering, someone climbs up a step ladder to staple flowers on for decoration!

Here are some pictures of some of the displays we’ve seen around the resort ...

... plus one we took in our bungalow. (Let me make the point now, that NO photoshopping has taken place in any of the pictures!)


Angie said...

All the photos you've posted are lovely, but I'm (sadly) most amused by the toilet art! They really put flowers in there? Seems a bit of a waste.

liz fenwick said...

I love the loo :-)

Jen said...

Yes, I'm quite amused by the flower in the bog too... how strange!

All sounds lovely, I'm sooooooo jealous and coming to live with you immediately.


JJ said...

Hi Angie, Yes, I'm afraid I was most amused by the loo. The flower had a long (rather phallic, actually) stamen which hadn't been in the water, so I fished it out with that.

My children had an entirely different attitude to what they did with their flower!

Hi Liz, it's loo-dicrous, isn't it? (Sorry)

Jen, ooh, how exciting. Come on over, then.


Lane said...

Am 'bog-gled at the flower' in loo:-)

Also like the big marrow thingy in pot:-)


Caroline said...

In the loo! I wouldn't be able to pee!


Carol and Chris said...

Ha ha ha ha - I've not seen that before!!!

Glad your having a good time.

C x

Leigh said...

They don't put flowers down the loo in Scotland, which is just as well... I really wouldn't want a thistle up the bum on these cold dark mornings.