Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Scaredy Cat

Oh god.

Look what I’ve got.

I’m rather scared.

It feels a bit like a last chance …

Here you are – here’s the time, here’s a room, here’s the hardware, the support. Go and do it now.

If I don’t write now, here, with no distractions, then perhaps I really don’t want to do it all that much.



hellojed said...

So normal to have a wobble at a big decision, but I reckon you'll do brilliantly! Love the key chain by the way!

Jen said...

Ooh, I'm loving those funky Afro permed keyrings!

I can understand the 'no excuses now' worry. There is a solution though: just get on with it :0)


Helen said...

Go go go JJ! A fabulous idea and a groovy keyring. Good luck!

JJ said...

OMG, I'm so scared... tomorrow I take my beanbag and pc, then I'll potter over to buy a fan (there's no aircon!!!!) and then... I start!

Thank you all. I bought the orange keyring, and loved it so much, I went back to buy more, but couldn't find any, then I learned how to make them - I made the green one. It took days to make and drove me bonkers.


Lane said...

Think of it less like 'Last Chance Saloon' and more like 'A Room of One's Own'. Ms Woolf knew what a woman writer needed:)) (sorry to any chaps).
That keyring is fab....and all those little teeny tiny keys. I'm imagining very little doors:))
Relax in 'the room', and enjoy it:))

Caroline said...

The key ... the key ....

Enjoy x

Carol and Chris said...

You'll be absolutely fine (I promise I won't visit and distract you!!)

C x

Flowerpot said...

great key ring - off you go and best of luck!

Rebecca said...

Jen is right - the solution is just to do it. Just write. (ha! easier said than done, I know!)