Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Beam me up, Scotty

I’m feeling a bit homesick at the moment. I’ve been feeling like this for some time now, so I can’t entirely blame my birthday yesterday, though having messages from everyone has perhaps made my homesickness a bit worse.

Consequently, today, I feel a small pain.

It feels like my lover is missing; my heart hurts a bit (Note: my lover isn’t missing – he’s here, and he’s who you think he is I’m just trying to say how it feels!)


I’d like to be beamed up, please. For a whole weekend if you can manage it.

I’d arrange for my extended family members, on both sides, and my chosen family all to be staying at my folks. It’d be a bit of a squeeze, and very loud, but I think it would be worth it. We could all cook (can you imagine all those cooks in one OV kitchen?)

I’d make Larb Moo, a Thai spicy pork mince salad - fresh mint from the herb garden.
MJ would make veggie.
L could make that artichoke thing for the veggies too.
S or MJ would make yummy salad dressing.
L&A would be in charge of puddings (sugar free one for M&D please)
B wouldn’t cook because he can’t stand sharing a kitchen!
V&I would take control of the alcohol.
V could make dahl.
Granddad could do the meat and bring in new potatoes from the garden (yes, I know it’s October, but this is a dream, right?)
On that note, the weather would be perfect, so we’d eat outside. The children would have a lovely time and not fight and let the adults talk.

I can almost feel myself there.


liz fenwick said...

Oh, JJ, I so know where you are coming from on this one. Treat yourself to something from that is normally wildly extavagent (ie. that you don't indulge in every week - for me it was a stack of magazine and reeeses cups) and savour the love you know exists at home and where you are :-)

Pacha said...

Homesickness is terrible on birthdays/festive days. I know what you mean about that little pain too. Liz is right - treat yourself and look for comfort at home! It may not make the pain disappear but it may help distract you from it until this wave of homesickness subsides.

Angie said...

Sending you lots of hugs!

Ang x

JJ said...

Hi Liz, thanks for your sympathy. So I should be writing, but I'm not. I'm treating myself to Human Traces, by Sebastien Faulkes while lying on my bed!

Pacha, thank you. I know it'll go eventually. I'm out tonight with some women friends for a quiz, which will be good therapy!

Thank you Angie. Hugs are good.


sheepish said...

Sorry you are feeling a bit down I am too, not home sick as France is now home but we have had such an exciting few weeks that it is proving hard to settle down again. We are taking our friends out for a chinese meal tonight as a thankyou to them for looking after our animals so hopefully that will cheer me up. Maybe you will win your quiz.
Belated Happy Birthday for yesterday.
I haven't written much lately either so we are probably both still in the running for the wooden spoon!!!!

Carol and Chris said...

It's not a nice feeling but it will pass.

I do like the sound of your family gathering - good food, good company and good wine (You can't beat it).

You'll be seeing them all before you know it.....

in the mean time do as Liz suggests and treat yourself.

C x

Leigh said...

That bit about the pain, and the part that is missing? I understand. Some people trivialise homesickness, applying it only to children, but it is awful, and I feel for you. I hope it eases soon, so that you can fully enjoy those things that are nice about where you are.

JJ said...

Sheepish, it's an odd one, because I'm very happy here, and it is home to me, but my family and friends aren't all with me. It's the people really, not the place that I miss.

Carol, thanks m'dear. I know it'll be alright and I'll be back to barking in no time ... it probably is to do with yesterday, and talking to everyone.

Leigh, thank you. I'm sure it will pass soon. I really haven't had it very much at all. The odd thing triggers it, but it's not something I've felt so much here. It'll be gone in a day or so.


Flowerpot said...

I've never lived abroad and have great admiration for those that do. I get homesick if I have to leave Cornwall now so I'd be hopeless! I do hope you feel better soon. The menu sounds great by the way! And I'm v impressed that you're reading Human Traces - looks too dense and long for me. Even my mother had problems reading it.

High Priestess of Punk-chew-ation said...

What's it called when you're AT HOME but you miss the people who are away? We have the pain too.
I might have to make (and eat!) the artichoke and gruyere tart in your honour JJ. Might not fix the pain, but it'll taste good.

Helen said...

Lots of hugs to you JJ. I like having my family around me too. x

JJ said...

Flowerpot, thank you, I do see that it was brave. But I thought I could do it - I could live anywhere - with my family with me (and enough books to read). But you do miss the people you leave behind. It's easier than ever to keep in touch, but I want to see them, touch them...

The woman that chose Human Traces warned us it was hard, but I'm loving it. I'm interested in the whole medical thing (Dad and brother are doctors) and the history of mental health is fascinating.

HPoP, I don't know, but I understand. I do feel at home here - this is where I live with my family, stuff and books but I miss the people. A tart in my honour, eh? What are you trying to say?

But I can almost remember us all at the OV. The memories of the weddings, parties and stuff, I can believe we're all there for the weekend.

JJ said...

Ooh, Helen you snuck in there. Thank you for the hugs. It's the hardest bit about being offered an adventure like this. It is a privilege, but there are sacrifices to be made... like anything I guess.

Lane said...

This is the second time I could have sworn I left a comment and yet when I come back to check it's not there! Either the age thing is now kicking in or there are comments out there in the ether trying desperately to get to Tea-Stains. One day they'll probably all arrive at once:-)

Anyway, I hope the homesickness is passing and you had a good quiz night:-)


JJ said...

Lane!!! We came third! We won 450 baht each (about £7.00). We never ever come anywhere but the bottom. There were 12 teams in all (wow). How clever are we?

Now to the serious business, oh, that's a worry. Are you sure you didn't leave the message on 21st Century Birthday, instead? I don't like to think of my comments disappearing into the ether!

Feeling a little bit less homesick, thank you.