Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Night Strop

I am feeling a bit stroppy. Alright, more than a bit stroppy: bloody stroppy.

I feel a bit like I’ve left my homework to the last minute.

No, no, that’s not right. I did my homework.

First of all, nobody told me I had homework. Then I start to get copied in on emails that suggested people were waiting on me to complete homework NO-ONE had asked me to do.

I had to go and ask ‘Is someone waiting for something from me?’

Then I had to nag for the brief. Some of the information came; some of it was wrong.

I followed the brief using the information supplied, and then when I handed it in, I was told: ‘Oh…mmmm…I wouldn’t have done it that way. Oh look that bit of information is wrong. I would’ve put that bit there … I don’t think you should put that bit in at all.’

Whose homework was this?

I said I’d go away and do it again. Carol offered to help (it was joint homework really.) I said ‘thank you, but I’ll do it during the weekend.’

So now it’s Sunday evening and I still haven’t done it. I’ve opened Photoshop up several times, and looked at it. Sometimes I’ve moved a bit around, and then I’ve lost the will to live and closed Photoshop up again.

I’ve done this homework once already.

And tomorrow is my birthday and it’s due tomorrow, and anyway, I don’t want to do it on my birthday. So I have to do it now … on Sunday evening.

So that’s why I’m feeling bloody stroppy.


Lane said...

JJ we have the same birthday! Mine (and my daughter's) is tomorrow too (15th). My best friend from school also has the same birthday. That now makes four of us!!

Hope you get nasty homework out of the way tonight so you can enjoy tomorrow:-)

Leigh said...

10 Steps For Doing Something You Really Don't Want to Do
1. Prepare everything for the Dreaded Job.
2. Plan your Preferred Activity for afterwards.
3. Get very slightly drunk.
4. Sit down.
5. Sigh heavily.
6. Get on with it.
7. Rejoice at having finished.
8. Pour another drink.
9. Put your feet up.
10. Enjoy your Preferred Activity even more now you haven't got the Dreaded Job hanging over you.

And have a Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Jen said...

Wow, it's nearly 6 here so must be very nearly your birthday in a matter of minutes!

Hope you got your horrid homework done. You get a gold star for it being your birthday anyway :0)


JJ said...

Hey Lane, Excellent. One minute to go to our birthdays - all of us. Happy Birthday to us! Finished the nasty homework now. Hurrah.

Leigh, thank you. Damn, I forgot the wine! Activity for afterwards was rubbish movie 'Shooter' - husband's choice!

Jen, It's my birthday NOWWWWW. Hurrah.


Janejill said...

Ah JJ , guess what I should be doing instead of reading your blog (Two bloody lots of homework) Still, I am very pleased to have found you (via Ms M)- hope you are getting through it now. From another jj (bet you are younger than me too- huh)

liz fenwick said...

Happy Happy Day JJ. May the pleasures of writing fill your days and the joys of good friends fill your years....... :-)

BEAST said...

"Shooter" wasn't rubbish, it was an intelligent conspiracy theory action movie with JFK'esque undertones underpinning Bourne-like action.

However, if I had known it was a special reward for all that homework angst, I would have suggested Tootsie (again).


BEAST said...

Can undertones underpin things. Or is that tautology?

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Happy Birthday!

Cathy said...

Happy birthday, JJ!!

Pacha said...

Glad to hear you got that 'homework' out of the way so now you can properly enjoy your birthday. I hope you are thoroughly spoilt and have a relaxing fun day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Lane said...

Happy Birthday oh young one with glossy skin:-)
Hope you're having a fab day and being spoilt rotten:-)


JJ said...

Janejill, lovely to meet you and welcome. I did get it finished, but I still made one change this morning, but it will make it better! I'll pop over to yours soon.

Liz, thank you - lovely sentiments, I hope so.

Beast, Tootsie would've been great (again).

Zinnia, thanks very much.

Cathy, thanks to you too.

Pacha, thanks honey. I hope you feel better soon - I'm having a lovely day!

Lane, thank you. My youthful skin and I are having a lovely day.


Angie said...

Ooo, that means it's your birthday now, at least it still is here, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
(Happy Birthday to Lane too :)

Bummer about the non-homework homework, but glad to hear you cleared it out.