Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ban Talae Nok

This is the site of the old village before the tsunami. When they rebuilt it, they moved it further inland - which is where I stayed for my first homestay.

The ground here was covered with beautiful purple flowers, called sea morning glory. It made me weep - I find it so very difficult to imagine what happened. I thought of Flanders and the poppies.


Jen said...

Gosh, I can sense the stillness from here. It must have been amazing, if heartbreaking, to be there.


Rebecca said...

those poignant.

Lane said...

That's beautiful, in an 'awful' way.

Carol and Chris said...

*Lump in throat*

C x

HelenMH said...

How beautiful - and sad

JJ said...

Hi all, I know I'm meant to be looking forward - and there are extraordinary, positive things going on in the community, but it's hard to go and not look back at what was.

And the looking forward is so much the richer for looking back.


Mel said...

That photo makes me so sad. I spent a long time living in Khao Lak after the tsunami helping manage the volunteer centre. Standing on any beach on that coastline you could feel the loss and I can still feel it looking at that picture. It's good to hear people have and continue to turn things around and rebuild their lives. I can't wait to read more stories!