Friday, November 16, 2007

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Phew, thanks Leigh, I am so out of stuff in my head apart from the writing, thanks for tagging me.

Five Gentlemen I'd Like To Have Round for Tea
Right, I know I’m not meant to change the rules, but I’ve decided I want these men in character:

Bob Hoskins (He’d come as Iago)
Anthony Hopkins (As Othello – definitely not Hannibal Lector – eeeewugh)
Alan Rickman (He must come as Professor Snape)
Colin Phwoar-th (that’s Colin Firth –He’d have to come as Darcy!)
Dustin Hoffman (Tootsie, OF COURSE)

God, how I want this tea party. Clearly, alongside the nice men, I seem to have a bit of a thing for bad boys! Snape, Iago?

Five Ladies I'd Like to Lunch With
These ladies can come as themselves.

Julie Walters
Dawn French

Germaine Greer (my mum will be so ashamed of me – ha ha)
Trinny and Susannah (Can they be one?)
Judi Dench

Four People I'd Like To Meet in Heaven (exc. family & friends)
Rudolph Nureyev
Euripides (Oh god, I’m so pretentious)
Sophicles ditto

I can’t believe this list is all men: that really pisses me off.

Four Material Things I Couldn't Live Without
My laptop
Oooh, my Blackberry, that didn’t take long, eh?
A washing machine
Lip salve (?)

Four Things I COULD Live Without

Three Books I Would Save From a Burning Building
My dictionary
My Thesaurus
(Sorry, sorry, I am so uncool) James Herriot’s omnibuses because they make me laugh

Three Books I Would Throw Into a Burning Building
I can’t bring myself to name her, but there’s one American-based ‘chick lit’ writer that made me feel embarrassed on her behalf when I was forced to read her book for a book club (to which I’ve stopped going).
The Quincunx – I’m sure it’s my deficiency, but I resented giving this my attention for 1400 pages.
The rest of the American based Chick lit woman above’s published works – yes, there are many of them!

Five Songs That Make Me Happy
I have a reputation among my friends for only listening to depressing music, so I can’t claim that anything really makes me happy, but I sing along to anything by Magnetic Fields:

A Chicken With its Head Cut Off (yes, it's really called this)
Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits
The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side
Papa Was a Rodeo
Yeah Oh, Yeah

Five Songs That Make Me Cry
Well, I guess, since I only like depressing music, anything by Magnetic Fields… See the above list.

Two Things I Wish I'd Invented
I’ve definitely had moments where I’ve said ‘bugger, I wish I’d thought of that’ but now that you ask … well, I can’t think what they were. Mostly, I think they were simple solutions rather than complicated technological ones, but I still wish I’d thought of them.

So, I tag Pacha and anyone who fancies doing it...


Pacha said...

Colin Frith as Darcy in 'P&P' or in Bridget Jones's Darcy? NOT that there is any difference - although there is a little...clothes etc..


Great meme! Had so much fun reading your answers!

Carol and Chris said...

It's got to be Darcy as in P&P - the lake scene.....god he's yummy!!

Can I come to lunch too? I promise I'll sit in the corner and be very very'd never know I was there!!

I'm intrigued about the Author too (although I think I may have an idea who it is)....can you at least give us a hint?

C x

JJ said...

Pacha, Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm just desperately sorry I can't have that teaparty... Colin Phwoar-th in P&P, of course. And I tagged you with it.

Carol, You. be. quiet? I. don't. think. so. But yes, okay you can come. I think I told you who it is before...


Jen said...

Oh, go on, tell us who the crappy author is? Please?

Glad you didn't snaffle Jude Law as he is in The Talented Mr Ripley. He's mine, I tell you, all mine!

JJ said...

Jen, Nah, I didn't snaffle Jude cos although he's cute I seem to have gone for the older man ... actually, the really older man. But not in reality... Hmmm.

Leigh said...

Yeah, Dustin Hoffman so nearly made it onto my tea party list. Can I come to yours too - I can carry the trays if you like? I love the in-character idea!

Euripides/Sophicles? I went for Socrates, so we can be pretentious together.

Oh, I'd forgotten about the lip salve!

Nice meme, JJ. Made me laugh on a crap day. Thank you.

Lane said...
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Lane said...

I want to be a waitress at your manly lunch (oo-er) and join in with the ladies:-)

And I'm thinking, thinking, thinking who could this author be?????

'A Chicken With its Head Cut Off'? I have got to hear that!

JJ said...

Right, that's Lane and Leigh in too - maybe waitressing? Unless we go somewhere posh and then you can join the tea party. (Carol's sitting in the corner for some reason...)

Oooh, can't wait.

Rebecca said...

oooh - can I come to lunch too please? And I could live without those four things very happily also