Thursday, November 15, 2007


Why am I here blogging when I've got nothing to say?

I'm sure that can't be right: nothing to say?

Nope, nothing.

I should be writing ...

I've got two children to get ready for residentials next week and myself to get ready to be an eco-tourist.

I'm still really sad I can't be an eco warrior and have dreadlocks.


Leigh said...

Just get a wig, JJ. No one will know.

Lane said...

Could you not just have one or two.... with beads. And some army combat trousers of course:-)
Oh and maybe a goatee beard... (or maybe that's going just a tad too far:-)

hellojed said...

Dreads...they look cool, but when I found out they are prone too mould it took the fun out of them. :(

Leigh said...

Hi, JJ. I've tagged you for a meme.
I'm sure you've got something to say!

Carol and Chris said...

LOL - I love Lane's suggestion of a goatee beard......I have a mental image *goes away to feed the cats still chortling*

C x

JJ said...

Leigh, brilliant idea. I will.

Lane, a goatee? Fabulous. No, not going to far at all. I will don it immediately.

Hellojed, not to mention the nits...

Leigh, thank god, m'dear. I'm still fresh out of things to say!

Carol, I don't see what's funny about that. I'm going to get one immediately.