Sunday, November 18, 2007

Funky t-shirt

There's a lot of debate in the press here about reading: how the average Thai reads two books a year. Whether this is or isn't accurate there have been a notable number of book related festivals in the two years plus that I've been here.
Here's another promotion I saw in Siam Paragon Mall yesterday.


Lane said...

jj - you have the most fabulous photos. Flowery loos, giant pumpkins, elephants bums and now the multi person t-shirt. 'You couldn't make it up':-)

Jen said...

I'll need one that size soon if I don't stop eating... :0(

JJ said...

Lane, thank you. It's just the way life is here. I just don't go anywhere without my camera because you just don't know what you'll come across!

Jen, Yup me too.


Leigh said...

I like one of those for the kids...then there'd only be one item of discarded clothing to pick up each evening.

JJ said...

That's a marvellous idea, Leigh. Oh ... except the bickering - can you imagine the fights inside that shirt?

Or is that just my kids?