Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kind of an update

I'm a bit blown away to make coherent sense of the last four days.

I've got to write about today in my diary but I'm knackered ... But if I don't write it down it might be gone for good. We left the first homestay for this one this morning and after an early lunch we set off to plant some orchids. After planting we climbed into the jungle (where I'm told the spiders come very large!) We stopped to plant my named orchid at the viewpoint.

We walked down to and along the beach and returned about forty minutes ago.

After my shower I looked in a mirror for the first time in four days. I did put on sunscreen but I appear to have missed my nose.

I have a nose to rival Rudolph with a litre of whiskey a day habit!
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Carol and Chris said...

Ha ha ha ha ha - I so can't wait to see you!! (Sorry....that's not really very supportive is it!!)

Glad it's going well

C x

Lucy Diamond said...

Glad you are back - look forward to reading more about it!

PS Rudolph nose very Christmassy, good effort xx

Pacha said...

Sounds as if you've been very busy. How lovely planting orchids and heading out to the jungle.

Sounds very otherworldly and surreal from where I'm sitting right now.

Ah well, at least you can drink a litre of whiskey a day and blame it on the sun! (that's what I would do!)

Jen said...

Sounds as if it's going to make wonderful reading...

I'm sure your nose is beautiful. Really.


Lane said...

Hope you didn't actually encounter big spider.
Glad you're having fab time:-)

Helen said...

I was wondering how you'd got on. Looking forward to hearing about it!

Leigh said...

You might as well drink the scotch, and be done with it!

(Go, BlackBerry!)

JJ said...

Hi all
I should've drunk the whiskey, but I was in a Muslim area, so strictly no alcohol! I got a strange craving for gin and tonic on Thursday though!