Friday, November 02, 2007

Research Trip

In just over two weeks my children are going on their school residentials. Now that they are both in senior school this is the first time their weeks have coincided.

I am therefore free of Mum Duties for five days.

I toyed with luring Husband away from work; I decided I’d rather have him for longer over Christmas and New Year, so I’d go away on my own. I uhmed and ahhed but I couldn’t decide what to do or where to go (if anywhere).

Then Carol, in her role as BWG* Welfare Coordinator, told me about Andaman Discoveries who had made contact with the *British Women’s Group to ask for funds to help their community-driven rehabilitation project which raises funds to aid tsunami impacted villages of the North Andaman region. They are a responsible tourism project who offer holidays/study trips/cultural tours and home-stays to volunteers and tourists who wish to do something more with their leisure time, learn new skills and give something back to host communities less fortunate than themselves.

Carol said that Andaman Discoveries were looking for a volunteer writer to put some articles together for various magazines in Thailand (and any other potential markets) to raise awareness, funds and advertise the holidays. Kelly, their project director, came and gave a talk to us and that was it: I was hooked.

In a little over two weeks, I am off on a research trip to Kuraburi Province (three hours north of Phuket) to do a mixture of volunteering and eco tourism. I am very, very excited and a little bit frightened but I know it will be impossibly good for me and hugely rewarding.

I am thinking of getting dreadlocks for the trip – what do you think?


Carol and Chris said...

I just know your going to have an absolutely amazing experience and your going to love every minute of it!!!

Don't be too apprehensive Kelly has put together a brilliant programme (as you know) and you'll get to do and see loads of interesting things.

(I am not green with envy at all that you are getting to go before me!!)

C x

Carol and Chris said...

Oh and LOL at the dreadlocks comment......if you do get them I reserve the right to point and laugh!!!

C x

JJ said...

Didn't you used to have dreadlocks, once?


Helen said...

JJ. This is fantastic. Would love to know how you get on.

PS Don't get dreadlocks. Heard something on radio tday about girls braids being too tight and making her hair fall out.

Helen said...,,70141-1291252,00.html

Carol and Chris said...

I was young and wasn't really dreadlocks (but I admit that it did look slightly similar and my Gran grabbed me and dragged me into the house whilst uttering the words 'Quick before the neighbours see you')

I still actually quite like dreadlocks....OMG did I just say that out loud!!!

C x

Jen said...

Wow, good on you for making the most of your very own week - sounds absolutely brilliant!


Leigh said...

Oh, this sounds like such an interesting thing to do. Five Days - I can't imagine! But dreadlocks? After following Helen's link, I think I'll be going for the no-vote. Sorry. Hope you hadn't set your heart on the idea...;-)

Angie said...

That sounds fabulous, JJ. (Except the dreadlocks bit...) How exciting for you. Keep us updated!

Lane said...

I know nothing about the Kuraburi Province or the project but I am ga ga to learn now. You're very brave to do this and it will be brill. A week of your own adventures will be thrilling:-)
The braid thing though .....hhmm might keep the bugs out!

JJ said...

Oooh, I got my programme through last night and it looks woooowwww.

Helen, I'm certain to tell you!

Carol, me too, a bit, but don't tell anyone.

Jen, thanks honey, bit nerve wracking, though.

Leigh, Oooh, no, it was only a joke! But I am a bit worried about the nits now!

Angie, thank you, I will.

Lane, Dreadlocks were my joke, but now I'm worrying about the nits. I've had 'em courtesy of small people and my wild curly hair is difficult to get a normal comb through, much less a nit comb!


sheepish said...

Wow that sounds fascinating I shall look forward to your account. It is the sort of holiday I have always wanted to do so your experience may be the nudge I need to do something similar.
Well done you for taking the opportunity.

JJ said...

Hi Sheepish, I've wanted to do homestay for a while - but with family it feels more risky. Doing it alone is easier - only me who suffers? Lots of money is raised among expats, but I feel the need to DO something, not just give some money....