Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Books and Lots of Links

Much as I love blogging and emails there is nothing quite like receiving real correspondence the old fashioned way.

In our condos any parcel too big for the apartments’ mail box stay in the management office. They put a piece of paper in the mail box asking you to come and collect a parcel which can cause a surge of excitement. Mostly this is a deeply disappointing, but large, package of junk mail redirected from our UK address but occasionally it’s something interesting. Today it was a parcel courtesy of Amazon.

Because I buy too many books, I couldn’t quite remember what I’d ordered, so it was with anticipation that I ripped it open. And this is what I found:

Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore: For Son, who loves the Cherub series. (Oh my god, just been to the link. He's sooooo young....)

The Secret River by Kate Grenville: December's Book Club book, proving hard to buy in Bangkok.

The Door by Magda Szabo: January's Book Club book: I thought while I was buying one I might as well get the next one too.

Neris and India's Idiot-proof Diet by India Knight and Neris Thomas: Hmmm, well always the optimist, this could be the One to make a difference.

No Laughing Matter and A Ghost of a Chance by Peter Guttridge: I ordered these because Peter Guttridge is the tutor doing the Writer's Lab course at Skyros in Koh Chang, which is where I am booked to spend Christmas! I am sure I will enjoy them as well as wishing to do my 'homework.' He is also crime fiction critic for The Observer and Writing Fellow at Southampton University. Did I say how excited I am?


Jen said...

Ooh, there's nothing better than an Amazon delivery, especially when you can't remember what's in it!

Mine brought me a fancy hair dryer yesterday :0)

Good luck with the diet... I'm still sort of sticking to it except for my latent crisp habit. Oops.

Pacha said...

Ohhh! An amazon parcel. I get very excited when I get those! Its like Christmas morning!

Lane said...

You can't go wrong on a diet that promotes eggs and bacon:-)

And you are really spending Christmas there????

JJ said...

Hi Jen, fancy hairdryer, eh? Can't be doing with 'doing' m'hair: it's au naturale for me! Yes, thanks for the good diet wishes... unfortunately I can't start until I'm back from the trip next week! But I'm being better than before.

Pacha, it's just like Christmas morning. I love not remembering what's in there.

Lane, it's so weird isn't it that you can eat such bad stuff? My problem is that I don't much like protein, but I do love carbs! Maybe not the diet for me, eh?

And yes, really spending Christmas there!


Anonymous said...

Our postman doesn't arrive until 3pm so by that time I've usually lost the will to get excited at parcels. But I have to admit, it's nice when one arrives.

Happy reading!
Crystal xx

JJ said...

Crystal, that used to really depress me in the UK. There should be a law that says post must come in the morning, in time for breakfast! Get out of bed you postmen...

Lucy Diamond said...

I totally agree re late postmen - so annoying!
But oooh, Amazon deliveries, always such a good thing. In fact, I might just have a little shop now...

Angie said...

Oh, amazon parcels are fab. I just sent in a big Christmas order (cheating? nah!) yesterday, but of course included one for me.

Your course is sounding so exciting!