Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Authorly trip to Thailand

Writing is a lonely business, so it's very exciting to hear that an author is coming to Bangkok for a shindig in one of our bookshops.

I've never read any Meg Cabot, though I know several of her titles.

Can anyone recommend something I might enjoy so I'm not an interloper at the event?

Now that the State of Emergency has been lifted, let's hope her PR people don't cancel. I am still, when reminded, very sad about my writing course.


Michelle said...

Oh I've read nearly everything by Meg Cabot - everything is pretty good. I think my favourite YA title is Avalon High. The sequels were made into manga, but I've not read them.

Helen said...

At Trashionista we are BIG fans of Meg Cabot (did you know she even mentioned me, by name, on her website, I nearly fainted). Anyway!

I recommend the Heather Wells series, they are fab. A bit of crime, a bit of mystery, small time detecting and they are adult books as opposed to young adult (not that YA adult is bad at all, I love Princess Mia from the Princess Diaries series). The Heather Wells' titles are Size 12 is not Fat, Size 14 is not Fat Either and Size Doesn’t Matter (or Big Boned in the US). Enjoy!

JJ said...

Hey, welcome here and thanks Michelle for the advice about a Meg Cabot book.

Helen, thanks honey. I've seen those titles around, but had no idea they were crime/mystery. I thought they were straight chick lit. I'll give one of them a go.

sheepish said...

Hi just trying to catch up a bit, so much happens in just a few days in the blogworld. Sorry your course got cancelled, it can get a bit lonely for us authors in foreign lands. Never read Meg Cabot so can't help there but hope you enjoy it anyway.
And thanks for your kind thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I've only read the Mediator series (YA) which is very funny and a little bit like Buffy. Very cool that she is visiting.
Sorry about the writing course, it's hard when something your really looking forward to falls through.

Pat Posner said...

How great you've something writerly to look forward to after your disappointment.

I'll look out for the Heather Wells series Helen mentioned, too.

Helen said...

Make sure you read them in the right order! 'Size 12 is not Fat' is the first one.

I'm hoping to meet her when she comes to the UK next week.

Caroline said...

I really love Princess Mia from the Princess Diaries series too! I read them to Poppy and she mainly doesn't listen because she's too young.


KatW said...

I've only watched the films of the Princess Diaries - my daughter loves them. When she's a bit older I was thinking of getting the books for her. It is great to meet successful authors - very inspiring. Definetly something to look forward to. I may look up some of Meg Cabot's books, they sound fun.

Kat :-)

JJ said...

Sheepish, honey, thank you for coming over. I'm alright about the course - trying to get something else in place now. Watch this space.

Marmite and Tea, it is, isn't it? It feels a harder blow, somehow, when you're away from home. Nevermind: got lots to get on with.

Pat, it is, isn't it? I loved the Princess Mia films - my kids have enjoyed those. The first one I really adore: sort of teenage pretty woman ... well, without the prostitution, obivously. Time to stop talking, methinks.

Okay, Helen, I will. I think I knew that was the first one. They are really fab titles. Let me know if you meet her.

Caroline, I should dig out the first Princess Diary one because I think Daughter has that.

Kat, that's the idea. Any author visiting and talking about their writing life is fab.