Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Plan for today

I have set myself a target. I am aiming for 1000 words today which might be foolish and setting myself up for failure but there we are: I have all day. So far I've done 250 words.

I stop for regular tea and fizzy mineral water refreshments, and the odd game of Bejewelled. I'm in a big dialogue scene which I like. I find dialogue easier (than other parts of the writing) but it's a cat out of the bag situation and I'm not yet certain how it's going to happen. The character who lets the information slip isn't malicious so I have to make it sound a genuine mistake.

Anyway, I just stopped to eat a particularly lovely lunch - as illustrated - which I ate while watching Blackadder on the BBC Entertainment channel. It's street soup and cost 35 Baht which is about 57 pence.

Yum yum.


Lane said...

I want your lunch!

Caroline said...

you tease me with your food!!!!!!

Carol and Chris said...

That looks yummy hon!! Good luck with the 1,000 words :-)

C x

Pat Posner said...

I wrote 250 words this morning but I didn't get Street Soup! It looks delicious and I've been trying to guess what's in it. Fish, noodles, bamboo shoots, green beans? Plus more I can't guess at.
Good luck with today's next 750 words.

liz fenwick said...

Hope the delicious lunch spurred you onto more writing :-)

JJ said...

Oooh, Lane, I'm sorry, I've scoffed the lot.

Caroline, you like too?

Carol, it was yummy. I worked really hard today - please let me have the willpower tomorrow!

Pat, doesn't it look good? It was pork - and sometimes one of the green mouthfuls turns out to be coriander which is my favourite, favourite flavour.

Oh gawd, Liz, it was hard. But thanks, I got there.

SpiralSkies said...

So did you reach your target? I'd be too busy eating to get any writing done if I had your life.

JJ said...

Jen, what with the lunching, drinking and then sobering up, no wonder I don't get any writing done!