Friday, September 26, 2008


Well it was hard work, but I got there. I wrote 1,108 word today.

It's nearly 6pm and I'm fed up of the sight of my laptop so I'm not going to take it into the lobby for the wifi.

Tonight's film is Where The Truth Lies. I've never heard of it but I chose it because Colin Firth's in it.

I'm back to dialogue tomorrow so the words should be slightly easier.
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Debs said...

I've never heard of that film either, but would definately watch it if CF was in it. Hope it's good.

Another good days work, well done you. I wish I could say the same.

Pat Posner said...

Yes, another great wordcount day!
Enjoy the film - you deserve to.

KAREN said...

A film I've never heard of, starring Colin Firth??? How can this be? Must look into it at once! Well done on the wordcount :o)

Jon M said...

I've not heard of that film...and who's this Colin Firth? Keep the words flowing!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

JJ, you are doing so well! You're living the life of a working writer - how does that feel?

JJ said...

Debs, NOOOOOO, don't. It was terrible. Not redeemed by the lovely Colin, either. Sorry to hear you've not had a successful day - I am in unusual circumstances for me! I can't do this at home.

Thanks Pat. (Film was terrible)

Karen, NOOOOOOO, it was awful.

Jon, you tease, you.

Zinnia, Ah, bless you. It's hard. Really hard. I know we all know what tough work it is, but I'm shocked.

liz fenwick said...

So proud of you! Keep going :-)