Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boring boring boring

Saturdays in my house are really boring.

I’d really like to stamp my feet, and stomp up and down the corridor in a flumpy-footed manner… Sometimes I’d just like to behave badly and shout, and stamp a bit more. But I don’t because I understand; I do so hate seeing both sides of any story.

When you’ve been out all week in the office – or worse still – travelling to offices in other countries, or going off to school, you want some down time, yeah? You want some slouching about in your fisherman’s pants? In Husband’s case he wants to play ‘world domination’ games on his computer; Son wants to do any kind of slouching that isn’t homework and Daughter today wants to be moving everything to her new bedroom, so not exactly slouching, but definitely nesting.

But me, well apart from Thursday when I got to adorn myself in my gladrags and socialise, I’ve been home writing and stuff all week. So now I want to go out with my family … but they don’t.


I’ve written 300 words today. It’s taken me all day – why am I so slow?


Carol and Chris said...

For me it's Sundays!! *Sigh*

Chris like to go to the pub for a couple of pints on a Sunday afternoon and I just can't do it every week!!! Perhaps if they were nice pubs instead of old man's pubs then I could be persuaded....but as it is....he's in the pub and I'm at home feeling stampy footed!!

I am sharing your pain!!

C x

JJ said...

Yeah, Sundays... I'm clearing up my paperwork and filing. Life couldn't be more exciting, could it?

Debs said...

I love Sundays as it's my most peaceful day.

Mind you, that said, I haven't done any writing at all today. Must stop playing with that black box widget for a bit and get on with something.

Ken said...

I have been wondering when I would be brought here by the "Black Box"
It has taken me day's!

Just so you know I answer those types of question on my blog. (the one you ended your post with) lol

JJ said...

Debs, I know my family love weekends, it's just that if I'm here (in the apartment) writing all week, for the weekend I'd really like some change of scenery.

Hi Ken, Welcome. Oooh, so can you tell me then, why I'm so slow?

Angie said...

JJ, I know exactly what you mean. I'm cooped up in the apartment all week too, so on the weekend I want to go out and socialize, but Husband just wants to veg. Hmph. (But like you, I can see his side, which makes me more flustered. ;)