Monday, September 08, 2008

Operation Cheer Up: in conclusion

I woke up feeling much less melancholy on Sunday. I’m still a bit disappointed, but hey, it doesn’t stop me writing does it?

Operation Cheer Up concluded with some self diagnosis:
  • That I require a Sunday roast … so we went off to our local, The Londoner.
  • That I need to watch Tootsie again. In the event, it was the thought of watching it that helped with the therapy.
  • That this should be accompanied by chocolate. Okay, this one was more than just thought about. This one was literally executed!
  • Following lunch I went with Husband for a foot massage at a place along our road. I had an hour’s foot massage, quite the best, most blissful one I’ve ever had, for the grand total of 100 Thai Baht/£1.60/$2.90 (plus tip.)

So I think that's it now: wallowing over. Thank you for your kind words and virtual hugs. They were very much appreciated.


Lane said...

Brilliant diagnosis, well executed.

I'm glad the 'treatment' worked:-)

uphilldowndale said...

For a cool crisp treat, watch this little gem of TV
the lovely Joanna Lumley in the Land of The Northern Lights.
Beautiful if cool

Caroline said...

Came to you via my new blog widget! Hi! :)


Debs said...

That sounds like a perfect plan, no wonder you're feeling much better.

trousers said...

I'm another blog-widget tourist: hello back at you!

Sarah*G* said...

I came to you via the Black Boxes widget! Hello!!

JJ said...

Lane, thank you m'dear.

UHDD, it wouldn't let me watch it because I'm overseas!

Caroline! *Waves*

Debs, thank you. I am.

Hello Trousers. *Waves*

SarahG, isn't it fun?