Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ferrero Rocher, anyone?

I was in Britain for a couple of hours this morning! Oh okay, I’ve been at The Residence of the British Embassy for ‘coffee morning’ at the invitation of the Ambassador’s wife – oooh eeerr, hark at me: proper expat wife, eh?

I donned a smart frock, scrubbed the ink stains off my fingers and made my way to Ploenchit for 10am… along with around 70 others from the British Women’s Group. This was almost us.

We drank earl grey tea, and there were scones, brownies, lemon cake, chocolate cake and more.

The Ambassador talked to us about what was going on in Thailand at the moment and then his wife, who is the Honorary President of the BWG told us about the Residence and the changes to it over the years. She shared funny anecdotes about Ambassadors past.

It was all in all a lovely morning and I dare say will feature in a book at some point.

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SueG said...

Hysterical. I have always loved/hated this advert -- it is just so incredibly obnoxious, isn't it? And just so that you don't feel like you're missing much over's pouring and gloomy again :)

Anonymous said...

I would NOT have gotten the Ferrero Rocher reference if the boyfriend was not english. As he is, I was able to read this thing to him so he could go "ah, they spoil her with their ferrero rocher!"

Lane said...

I could just do with a Ferrero Rocher right now:-)

Or three.

Anonymous said...

LOL I always feel like I'm in the 1950's when I go to the residence! They do usually have good food though.

Carol and Chris said...

It was lovely wasn't it!! The scones more than made up for the lack of Ferrero Rocher!!

C x

J.J said...

I didn't come directly through the widget but saw your comment about it at Caroline's place so ahd to come and say hi to my namesake!


JJ said...

Sue, so awful isn't it? It does make me chuckle in a sort of squirmy way.

Mariarocio, oh sorry. I sometimes forget things like that don't translate. Thank god for You Tube though. Nice to meet you.

Lane, hmmm, Ferrero Rocher? Not my favs. I prefer the humble Yorkie!

M&T, the chocolate cake was to die for...

Carol, I need my scones to have clotted cream! But I loved the choccie one.

j-j, Hellooo. Welcome. I had to come and have a nosey at yours too!