Saturday, November 08, 2008


Last Monday I could hardly stop smiling as went to meet Carol in the afternoon. The reason for this was the writing … the words … the pile of them grew bigger and bigger. I was enjoying it. One minute I was on 15k and then a couple of minutes later I was on 18k. Wow.

Then on Tuesday I went to the Melbourne Cup celebrations organised by the Australian and New Zealand Women’s Group where I drank too much champagne. I went home and I haven’t felt right since – and I’m writing this on Saturday.

Worse than ‘not feeling right’ for four or more days, is the fact that I’ve annihilated my writing cells.

There are lots of people around me with loved ones with serious illnesses and here I am making myself feeling utterly crapulous voluntarily. What a stupid thing to do; my poor old body.

I’ve said lots of times ‘I’m never drinking again’ so there’s no point in saying that but I do think that perhaps alcohol and I don’t really get along too well. If I’m honest, it’s not just over indulging that makes me feel awful; even a couple of glasses will do it.

The combination of feeling terrible and not being able to write … well, it’s just not worth it. I think I may have to live a life of near teetotal boredom.

I hope I still get invited out sometimes.


Carol and Chris said...

Don't worry...I'll still invite you out...I'll even let you have the willpower!!

Sorry to hear that you've not been able to'll be back in the swing of it in no time at all...just you wait!!!

C x

lillian said...

maybe you should go out again.. just to reactive those writing cells again :-)

HelenMH said...

I agree with Lillian. You need to put the process into reverse!

ChrisH said...

A hair of the dog, perhaps? Here's hoping your writing cells recover soon!

SpiralSkies said...

Disgraceful behaviour... ;0)

The old drinkies certainly take more of a toll on me as I get older. Perhaps more practice is the answer?

Debs said...

It might have done your writing cells good to have an enforced break too. Hope they're fit and well again soon.

jfmarcelo said...


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JJ said...

Carol, you might need to take firm measure with me if I trying consuming any measures!

Lillian, OOoooh cruel. Hair of the dog - just hearing that makes me feel sick all over again.

HelenMH, Ooooooeh. NO.

ChrisH, NOOOOOOOoh. Stop it please.

Spiral, Nope. Can't be.... bluergh.

Debs, oh I do hope so.

jfmarcelo, Uhm, Hola?