Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday roundup

Well, it's the end of my week in flat Khorat. Today I can write; tomorrow I go home. I can't be cocky confident just yet, but I've only 884 words to do today to make the 5000 words as instructed by Husband. (Or I owe him the money back for this little trip.)

So far I'm on 22,741 (before today's words) (OMG). My second lot of 10,000 words are due go to my TLC mentor next week and they need looking at again, cutting and editing a bit before they go. There's stuff in there that I wrote before the first report came back that I know needs acting upon. My word count will vary while I make changes so I might not update my Leigh O meter until this time next week.

After yesterday's post, here are some more arseicons:

from Pat Posner
(123numberbum) Numb Bum

from Lane
( ) Lazy arse

From Angie
(~!~) Dimpled arse
(_!_) Pancake arse
(,,!,,) Numb arse

From Debs
(vvv!vvv) numb arse

From Beast
٨ ٨
Rabbit doing a poo
Apologies to Beast whose ears and poos won't go in the right places.


Debs said...

LOL, brilliant word count and arsicons!

BEAST said...

As my poos don't work. How about:

(_/\_) cheeky

(_@_) pfarf

(ZZZ) lazy arse

(+) cat's bottom

JJ said...

Debs, corr, still not done enough today ... must stop skivving.

Beast, LOL. I've loving cheeky and cat's bottom.

Carol and Chris said...

LMAO (Thought that one was most appropriate)

C x

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

You're doing sooooo well with all those words, I bet you'll knock out the last 884 in record time.

Flowerpot said...

very creative!!!

L-Plate Author said...

Well done JJ, keep it up! You're going great guns!

Sorry to hear about your dog honey x

Angie said...

Love the Friday bum fun over here.
Good luck with those words!

HelenMH said...

Oh brilliant. Thanks for making me laugh again.