Monday, November 17, 2008


We've just had three days mourning for the funeral of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana, the Thai King's older sister.

Thais were expected to wear black during these three days, but the children's school and our condo also issued requests for people to show their respect by wearing black or dark colours.

The colour of clothes are important to Thais. On Mondays, the day on which the King was born, Thais wear yellow to pay their respects to His Majesty. The Queen was born on a Friday and Thais demonstrate their respect to her by wearing blue. The colours are dictated by the day - they learn the days of the week hand in hand with the colour of that day. Even the political sides in the current troubles have a colour that they wear to show solidarity to the side they support.

I took this picture on the skytrain platform.


FrogBlogger said...

I was impressed by the show of respect too, here in Chiang Mai. Black clothing very much in evidence, not forgetting my own. My girlfriend bought me two black T-shirts especially for the occasion...

Pat Posner said...

That's fascinating, JJ. I love hearing about other countries' cultures and customs.

Carol and Chris said...

I too wore black even though we were going to be in a tiny village on the Thai/Burmese border. It was just as well I did - we took part in a candle lighting ceremony at the village school in her honour.

C x

Fiona said...

Fasinating about the colours. I think in Japan, white is a colour of mourning. I wonder who decided these things long ago.

BTW, how are you find the chapter and verse mentoring?

JJ said...

Frogblogger, it's unusual,isn't it? Black is rarely worn here in normal circumstances.

Pat, thank you.

Carol, We did too.

Fiona, I think white is here too, but all the advice says 'dark colours' so that's what we did.

TLC Chapter and Verse? Well it's definitely making me write. I send my second set of words off next week and I'm nearly there. The advice is really useful, and having someone to ask specific things of is fantastic. So yes, it's going well.