Saturday, November 22, 2008

More stats

Did you see this in the news? Europeana an online digital library, opened recently… and then it crashed as ten million hits an hour – twice more than expected – proved too much for its servers.

According to a quote on the BBC, “Thousands of users were searching for the words 'Mona Lisa' at the same time."

This has caused me considerable worry as my own stats escalate out of control with people from all over the world searching for ‘Crystal Tips and Alistair’ pictures.

And then there’s Angie’s comment, here, about all the ‘Friday bum fun.’ Heaven only knows what impact that’s going to have on my statistics.

You know what? I’m thinking of making it a regular slot: Friday Bum Fun.

What do you think?


Carol and Chris said...

I think I'm starting to worry about you.....

C x

Debs said...

LOL, I love it!

HelenMH said...

Yes - definitely. Go for it!

Wordtryst said...

I'm for it. Don't have much bum but I'll join in the fun!

JJ said...

Carol, only just 'starting?'

Debs, thanks.

Helen, it would be fun, eh?

Wordtryst, excellent.

Angie said...

Ha, I love it!
Oddly enough I bring in a lot of search results for "water dictaphone" and "shower writing" from one random post ages ago.
Just wanted to make sure your search stats stay interesting. ;)