Thursday, November 27, 2008


After my big graphic outburst yesterday, I decided to be equally graphic today.

This time, though, it’s Thai writing.

The former artist in me fell instantly in love with the Thai script when I got here. I have no intention of learning to read and write it (Husband can: Meh, as Son would say) because life’s too short, I’m too busy writing, I’m not bright enough. The public reason is that I have no intention of spoiling the delectable visual of the script. If I knew a word said ‘toilet’ or ‘hong nam’ as it is in phonetic Thai, I couldn’t possibly think it was beautiful, could I?


Debs said...

It is beautiful, all those swirly curves, it's hard to imagine it saying the word, 'toilet'.

sheepish said...

Hi just checking that hubby is okay having seen the news about the trouble in India. Is nowhere safe these days?
And fully understand what you mean by that beautful script but are you sure you're not just being lazy!!!

JJ said...

Oh sorry Debs, this doesn't say 'toilet' but I meant it's so pretty... it can't mean anything icky, can it?

Sheepish, no, thank god, Husband is in Bangalore but worryingly I have three friends at my meeting today who's husbands are in Mumbai. He's flying to Singapore tonight. There are rumours of a coup happening tonight, so the kids and I are sitting tight and hoping ... well, for the best, I guess. Thanks for your thoughts.

Lane said...

It is rather beautiful isn't it.

Hope husband gets back safely and things are ok where you are.

Flowerpot said...

wonderful - very romantic, even if I don't understand any of it!

HelenMH said...

Best wishes for safety and peace of mind for all of you amidst everything that's going on.

Carol and Chris said...

The Thai script is gorgeous isn't it...I've had great fun adding peoples names in Thai on some of my pictures!!

C x

Jürg Hölzle said...

It is a beatufull script, indeed!

I don't know the meaning of the word shown, But "hong naam" is written ห้องน้ำ. Sometimes you can find "sukha" สุขา, the more formal expression.